Since last decade, Peter Lam has established his own renowned name upon his expert opinion on violin purchasing, appraising, and the repair service provided. We continue to do our best to earn our customer’s trust in every aspect we provided, by consistently offering the best service in order to achieve and maintain the high professional standards.

Here are some of our satisfied clients have mentioned about their positive experience with Peter Lam’s Violin Shop, and again we are grateful for their feedback on us over the years.

“I am most pleased with my Peter Lam Violin, it has a large sound with a great deal of presence and projection. It is also unusually open and responsive for a new violin. I highly recommended Peter Lam to anyone searching for an excellent-sounding string instrument at an affordable price.”

– Raphael Klayman, Concertmaster and Soloist in American Symphony Orchestra

“I love your instruments and your service. Your service has been great these last 3 years, I will never go to any other violin shop.”

– Lindsey Foster, advanced viola student in AK, USA

“Thank you so much for your input on the viola!”

– Sally Threeues, freelace violinist in NY, USA

“The musicians are smiling because they know a good luthier, it was brilliant to hear you play.”

– Anne Dwyer in NY, USA

“Thank You for the violin cleaning/repair, I was very happy with the work. My Violin sounds great!”

– Katherine Dix in NY, USA

“The old violin which I purchased from Peter Lam has a beautiful outlook, and it sounds terrific. The violin itself is old enough to produce a good old sounding tone, it is just sweet!”

– Fong Fong, Concertmaster in New York Chinese Consulate