Over 30 years experience on bow stringed instruments making and repairing, Peter Lam is able to handle and provide a professional repair on all of your violin, viola, cello and bow needs. Our service ranged from minor adjustment such as soundpost adjustment to complete restoration such as rebuilding bassbar or parts of the instruments. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of playability and tonal resonance of your violin.

We provide high quality bow stringed instrument repair and restoration service at affordable low price, such as:

  • New Bridge Replaced (standard or professional grade bridge)/ Current bridge refined
  • New soundpost replaced/ Current soundpost reset
  • Open seams reglued
  • Fingerboard planed/ refined
  • New pegs replaced/ current pegs refined
  • Pegbox bushings (redrilling the pegholes)
  • Violin Neck Reset
  • Replace a New Violin Neck (head grafted on with retaining its original scroll)
  • Varnish Retouching
  • Bow Rehair
  • Bow Parts Repair


Carving a new bridge

Peter Lam’s expertise as a violin player and technician yield an excellent result in soundpost placement and bridge fitment. The precise shape of the bridge (such as the height, cutting form, thickness..etc) gives a big effect on the sound and intonation of an instrument.


Beside the bridge, soundpost as acted as a important part of the violin which determined its tonal variation. The soundpost is sometimes referred to as the “soul” of the tone. It is critical for an instrument to get the soundpost placed precisely inside a violin, and moving it by very small amounts can result a tremendous difference in the sound quality and loudness. Peter Lam gives the instrument a chance to play in after each adjustment, allowing to find the most satisfactory result of tones.


Bow rehairs

Bow Rehair is a necessary maintenance for the bow every string musicians or players. If a bow is being played in everyday, and if the hair seems not to be able to grip the string while playing, the bow should be rehaired. Musician rehairs every 3 months averagely in their routing basic. Peter Lam provides bow rehair service in a timely manner, choosing the best quality of Mongolian horse hair. Natural white and black hairs are available. Same-day pick up service in requested.


  • Leather Grip and Winding
  • New Frog
  • New tips on the bow’s head
  • Screw or eyelet renewed
  • Straightening/ Recambering
  • Cracks repairs