Peter Lam Violin Shop carries a series of violin, viola, and cello bows, from antique to contemporary. We provide high quality collection of the bows for all levels of musicians. Our antique bow collections are French, English and German. The completed line of our contemporary bows manufactured to our specifications from the best shops in Europe, Asia and America.

Peter Lam提琴店出售各不同類別的大、中、小提琴弓,當中包括當代全新及古董類形。我們提供及出售高級品質的各類琴弓給各階層的提琴手。當中古弓系列包括法國、英國、德國等著名琴弓製作家作品;而我們也有來源及出產於歐洲、美洲及亞洲的當代琴弓系列。

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