Peter Lam, the violin maker, makes his instruments entirely on his own. From selecting the finest wood and material to varnish finishing, every process is guaranteed to be done in his expertise and profession. The instruments are suitable for advanced musical players and students to have a concert instrument in their own lifetime.

We also carry a series of good new instruments that are particularly made, selected, and certified. Our shop carries different levels of new instruments with affordable price, as long as the economic violins for students and amateurs. Feel free to come to our studio for a trial.

Peter Lam提琴專賣店提供一系列的手工製新琴,當中包括由Peter Lam親自製作或親自監督下生產的純手工大、中、小提琴,以及一系列當代著名提名製作大師作品。每一把提琴都經過本店精心製作,挑選認可。本店有售各擋次全新提琴,其中包括學生提琴,品質高價格合理,歡迎預約參觀選購。

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