For many years, we have been searching the rare and precious instruments around the world as to look for its valuation and potential as the violins, violas and cellos to become a part of our collection. The large selection of our fine antique stringed instruments mostly came from Europe (the Italian, English, French, German,) made time varied from the mid 18th century to the mid 20th century. Each instrument is carefully chosen, vetted and restored to reach its highest standard on both artistry and tonal achievement.

The advantages of choosing an old antique instrument:
• The provenance and its historical value – most of them are European Instruments, and some of them are made by the particular maker or once owned by a renowned musician
• The beauty of tone – the age of the wood produce an unique tone which hardly find in an new instrument (the old sounding tone)
• Long-term value of investment and collection – Nowadays it’s wisely to possess an antique instrument as the value keeps increasing during the past decades.

多年來我們參照價值和潛質比例不斷搜尋各處最稀有珍貴的古董提琴來作為我們的收藏系列。現時我們的古董提琴系列擁有來自歐洲各地不同時期(包括意大利,英國,法國,德國等) 的 大、中、小提琴。每一把收集來的提琴都會經過嚴格挑選,檢核及修復以確保達到最高美觀效果及音質水平。

• 來源地及其歷史價值 – 本店大部份古董提琴來自於歐洲,當中包括一些著名提琴師作品以及曾經由著名提琴家所擁有。
• 獨特的音色 – 年舊的木質為提琴本身製做出獨特的音色,而且往往有別於一般新琴 (舊琴音色) 。
• 長遠投資及收藏價值 – 古董提琴擁有一定程度的保值度,購買古董提琴往往成為音樂家的明智之選。

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