Peter Lam Violin Maker

歡迎來到Peter Lam提琴專賣店。本提琴店源於美國並由提琴製作大師Peter Lam 建立。通過三十年以上的提琴創作,修理修愎,以及於紐約琴店之實踐經驗, 提琴製作大師Peter Lam 獲得業內人士一致的肯定。

現在Peter Lam提琴專賣店於香港成立。我們樂意為香港及其他地區的所有提琴手及愛好者提供致誠、可靠及專業的服務。

Welcome to the Peter Lam Violin Shop – the centered violin shop located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The Violin Shop is established by Peter Lam, the Great Violin Maker who is originated in Manhattan, New York. Over 30 years experience in violin making, repair and restoration, and the last decade of his Violin Shop Service in the West-side of Manhattan, New York, Peter Lam has already established a renowned reputation in the violin society.

Peter Lam Violin Shop is currently established in Hong Kong from New York, and we are pleased to provide the sincere and professional violin service for our Hong Kong violin players and all over other regions.