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Johs Brueckner製德國舊式大提琴 An Old German Cello by Johs Brueckner

德國舊式大提琴,由Johs Brueckner所製。Johs Brueckner為德國20世紀初的製琴師之一,他源於Markneukirchen並製作一系列的提琴作品。Brueckner跟隨Roth的造琴方式並滲×個人元素。他通常採用斯式、瓜式及瓜達尼尼的模型,優質的木料及色彩豐富的作舊式油漆。此大提琴為Brueckner的作品之一,製作於大約1923。內部於原標籤位置印有”Fait Johs Brueckner Markneukirchen”之烙印。擁有深沉及堅實的音色。

An old German Cello made by Johs Brueckner, a very good German violin maker who was from Markneukirchen and produces a number of instruments during the early 20th century. Brueckner followed the style of Roth on violin making but his works are tended to be slightly individual. He used Strad, Guarneri and Guadagnini models, attractive woods and an antiqued varnish of a rich red-brown/ golden-brownish color. This cello, is one of the good examples which made by Brueckner circa 1923. It was firmly stamped “Johs Brueckner Markneukirchen” on the area which a label supposed to be placed. The cello is in golden-yellowish color, it has a nice deep and solid tone.

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