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古董小提琴 An old Violin

古董小提琴,標籤 “Gianmarini Emidio..” 小提琴本身於良好修复狀態。提琴為典型斯氏模型。良好的面板及背扳木質。鑲線及琴邊手工極為精細。用濃厚的金黃色為主色。選用法國Aubert牌琴碼及Peter Infeld強音糸列套弦裝配。提琴本身音色甜美、圓潤、及強大。此琴是演奏及獨奏者首選。

An old violin labeled “Gianmarini Emidio ..” In a typical Stradivari model. Good medium flamed of the top and back. Very elegant craftsmanship edges and purfling. Varnished in a rich golden-yellow color. Set up with Aubert France bridge and Peter Infeld strings set. The tone is sweet and mellow, also powerful on all register. This is an excellent concert violin for orchestra team and soloist.

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