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小提琴套裝 – VN600系列 “斯式”型號 Violin Outfit – VN600 series “Stradivarius Copy”

  • 優質松木面板
  • 優質楓木背板
  • 優質烏木指板
  • 金橙/金紅色上等油漆
  • 烏木配件(包括弦栓、拉弦板、腮托) ,微調

VN600小提琴套裝採用特級歐洲松木為面板,所有提琴經過至少5年自然風乾,製作過程經傳統聲學測試。提琴套裝包括弓及琴盒,4/4 尺寸供選擇。

  • Excellent Grade Spruce Top
  • Excellent Grade Maple Back
  • Good Grade Ebony wood fingerboard
  • Well Finished Oil Varnish in golden-orange/golden-reddish color
  • Ebony Fittings (pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest)

VN 600 series Violin outfit is made by the well selected spruce and maple in the production. It also proceeded with meticulous craftsmanship and fully set up using the finest fittings. The Violin has a warm, mellow tone. A Bow and case included. Available in size 4/4

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