Peter Lam’s Violin is a full service violin shop that provides a large variety of violins, violas, cellos and bows. Our inventory includes the fine handmade violins by Peter Lam, the old antique violins, violas & cellos as well as some good imported instruments.

We also provide the professional repair and completed restoration service. Also we especially offer tonal adjustment and bow rehair service. We are located in two locations: New York and Hong Kong.

“Peter Lam提琴”是一所全面性的提琴專賣店。我們提供及發售一系列之小提琴、中提琴、大提琴及琴弓, 當中包括優質歐洲古董提琴, 以及當代全新手作製提琴, 包括一些意大利名師作品。

除有關各類型提琴外,本店特別提供專業的提琴修理及修復服務,包括琴弓換毛及提琴音質調整等,並設售一系列琴弦及提琴配件。本店位於兩個地址: 紐約 &香港。